Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Digital Project Life: Week of 6/29

Morning! How is everyone doing today? I'm doing great! Today I'm sharing last weeks Project Life with you. since my last layout my digital supply collection has grown. If you're starting out with digital scrapbooking, there are SO MANY great freebies available. All you need to do is Search on Google or Pinterest. That's what I did. I have some things of my own that I've designed, but I like variety. I can't wait to actually purchase a few kits from  a few kit designers I've discovered. I just want to make sure digital scrapbooking is something I want to do. Which, I think it is. Design is definitely one of my natural inclinations. ;) I'll get in to that in another post.

 Since food seemed to be the only thing I ever took pictures of,  this week I tried to take pictures of things other than food. I still took food, but I took pictures of other things as well. Lets take a look.

I took a picture of the computer at work.
My outfit I wore to the park on a 90° day….. yeah, I know. Nuts. But it wasn't a humid 90. There was a nice breeze.

Jacobs trucks
The rainstorm on the 4th
The book I was recommended to read (with food in the pic…)
The scrapbook layout I'm working on

……a screenshot of the email I received about my new *Pending* job. Pending because it's unofficially official. I have to wait on a few things.  It's still within the same company but I was approached by a few people, and after a few long discussions, I figured I'd give it a try. The discussions turned into this theme that has been dominant in my life lately so I took it as I sign that I'd better take it. Lol.  It will be good for me because it will help me with a few personal things I struggle with by forcing me to put myself out there and try different things, it will give me experience, and it opens doors for new opportunities. The first step to getting unstuck! We'll see what's next! It's so bizarre how things work out...

I think I succeeded by not taking just pictures of food. What do you think?

Products I used:
Stitches , Allison Pennington; Blue aphabet, Bella Gypsy; Everydaylife, today,This week, grid paper, Traci Reed; Hexagon paper; honeyandcheese.com;  Flower, paper, camera-Sheila Reid; Arrow, eversoscrumptiously.wordpress.com;Happy journal card, quirky heart designs; Hear; Sweetshoppedesigns


  1. Great spread! I usually have two phones with me too. My old iphone that I load audio books and music on for the car and my new phone that actually works! I personally like the food shots, but agree to have a more rounded look at your life, it's good to fit in a few other shots too. :)

    1. Thanks! Haha! I thought I was the only one that carried two. People look at me like I'm nuts when they see that. I had to budget recently so I had to downgrade to a basic phone, but almost everywhere I go offers free wifi, so I always make sure I carry my one with with to connect.

  2. I think you did a great job without taking pics of food!! Corporations on the new potential job!!! So exciting :)

  3. I just started PL but on a monthly basis - I'm still on April! LOL! So we'll see how long I'll last :0P Great inspiration - thanks!


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