Thursday, September 25, 2014

Random Rambling & an Unrelated Layout

Sleep is overrated. :) Tonight I've got to finish my Macroeconomics test which is almost complete -- I just have 2 more short essays to write,  and finish reading a book that I am 10 pages in to so I can start to write the draft for my 7 pages paper which is due Thursday.

 10 to 7 was my shift today. That's what my schedule has been looking like lately. Bye Bye life. I can't wait until one day when I am able to work a "normal" schedule so I can feel like I have somewhat of a work/life/school balance. Something will come eventually. I do know that. When? I haven't a clue but I'm just going to keep plugging along, doing what I'm doing, learning from my mistakes/awkwardness, and remain hopeful that something will pay off in the end.

I like working though and would never change that for anything. My brain needs to be stimulated and I need to feel like I have accomplished something. I like having lots to do. I feel more energized - Working a lot keeps me motivated to do my hobbies, and vice versa. It's like to two go hand in hand, like a cycle. Isn't that odd? I also find that working more keeps me more creative and motivated to do things for myself..  For sure, I have my days where work sucks. You're kidding yourself if you say you don't.  It's not all butterflies and fairy dust - just when I think I've encountered the rudest person alive, another one comes along to prove me wrong.  But I keep on smiling because why am I going to let one you-know-what ruin my day. I let them think what they want to think, do their crazy venting and call it a day. It's not worth it for me to get bent out of shape for their craziness.

 Ugh, enough about customers and work. So, the earrings did it again. I've had so many conversations started with these things. They're pretty and I love them, but I never imagined a pair of earrings to be such a show stopper.  I've been on the lookout for a similar pair, but I have yet to find another pair that make a statement like these do. I loves earrings. And these are Me.

And here is another layout. 

This post is totally random :) But I wanted to do something leisurely before I hit the books.


  1. We've been busy here too, and I love that! It keeps you going!! Living the bright colors on your layout. That's too funny about those earrings, again!!

  2. You are making my tired just reading all you need to do ;)
    I found when my girls were younger I had more time…as odd as that sounds.
    I think it is because I had a schedule even though I could leave the house with my girls at a drop of a hat.
    Now that I know I have all day to do something…i wait until the last minute to do it, lol.


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