Monday, September 22, 2014

Simple Pleasures: Digital Layout

Happy Monday Morning! I know…don't hate :) Mondays can be happy especially when your coffee tastes like perfection. I didn't feel like going out to grab a coffee this morning so I made a pot of it myself. I make it the SAME EXACT WAY every time, yet it never comes out the same. I don't know why. I was lucky today. It came out perfect. I've been in a great mood since that first sip.

I love coffee. If you haven't figured that out by now, you have some reading to do!

I showed you guys the other day a sneak of digital kit I am working on, remember? I know what I said, and I can be very confusing….but I'm going to stick with it as a 'when the mood strikes' kind of thing. Since I kind of let my store fade into the sunset, I plan on re-launching it sometime in December or the first of the year to allow me some time to build up variety a stock of things to sell.

Anyways. Today my plan was to Well. That didn't necessarily happen. Not because I didn't want to. I couldn't concentrate seeing as the maintenance crew decided it was the perfect day to build a new staircase for my apartment. I tried but with all the clanking, sawing, hammering, and welding noise going on, it was hard to focus on my school work. So tonight I'll be up late. That's okay too because I'm a night person anyway. I tend to get more done in the night anyway.

Since all that was going on, I took the time to create a digital layout. This one is on a less serious note than what I have been scrapping lately. Coffee. :) I'm sure you guessed that.

I used mostly elements I've downloaded but I did use a few of my own that I've created for my Coffee kit. Those elements are the Dark Roast sticker, heart, the arrow, the frame around the top photo, the word sticker 'coffee love' , and the three word stickers at the bottom.

What do you think?

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  1. My coffee is the same, yet always tastes different too, why is that? Love the coffee layout :)


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