Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Wild One

I've got big plans for next weekend. Seriously. I'm going all out crazy. Letting loose and just being myself.

If you didn't know me, you'd think I was going to have a wild night on the town. However, if you know me you'd roll your eyes and call me the most boring 30 year old on the planet because you know exactly what I'd be doing.

Cooking :)

I'm such an old lady. Cooking, crafts, practical gifts, coffee dates….

It's okay though. I can have fun too. I just prefer old lady things, LOL.

There are quite a few things I need to make that I just haven't had the time to make. Like bread. Ugh. Now that I've mastered homemade bread, store bought just isn't cutting it. I need to stock up! I also need to make some chicken stock and there are a few snack type items that I want to make.

Right now though, I need to finish my paper….

 ...Let me tell you this: I am so thankful for coffee.

1 comment:

  1. I can so relate to your post.
    I loved to go out, but I was never a drinker of alcohol.
    My siblings called me the "good one" because I never drank, but I was entertained by watching everyone else making fools of themselves, lol.
    I was probably considered an old lady, as I enjoyed knitting and crocheting in my teens, lol


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