Sunday, October 12, 2014

Productive & Ultra Creative

Today was a great day. Usually my Sundays are filled with work until 7:00pm, not today though. It was so nice to actually lounge around in my pajamas - which aren't really pajamas, but that doesn't matter anyway…. - and enjoy the day.  It started off with me making nice breakfast for Jacob and I.


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day but most mornings consist of cereal or something else that is quick. Today I made fresh hash browns, and omelets with onions, peppers, cheese, tomatoes and peppers. Served with some coffee…Mmmm. Hash browns are super easy to make. I don't even bother buying them frozen anymore. All you do is peel a potato, shred the potato, rinse it under cold water, squeeze all the water out then fry them up in a skillet with some olive oil. So good and super easy.

The only thing that would have would have made breakfast better was if I had the Sunday paper to read. I didn't feel like driving to get one though.

Jacob and I listened to music most of the morning and had our own little dance party before he headed outside to play with his friends. While he was outside I worked on  my most recent digital kit. Then he came in for lunch. Still feeling creative but wanting to step away from the computer I worked on my art journal. 

While I was waiting for that to dry before moving onto the next page, I started working on mini album that I will be sharing in a few weeks. You can kind of see it in this picture below. I'm usually a very organized person except when I am being creative. When my desk looks like this it's a sign that I am having a very creative day.

I just did some normal stuff around my apartment..clean, laundry…you all know - the fun stuff {sarcasm} . Then I did a little schoolwork and studied and marked off my notes and books for my midterm on Wednesday.

Then it was time to make dinner. Tonight I was in the mood for crappy comfort food, since I've been eating so healthy lately so I made Ritz casserole from scratch…no canned soup…which I will be sharing that recipe eventually. After dinner we watched some TV then Jacob attempted to do an exercise video with me. It was hilarious watching him do some of the moves. Now that I think about it, he probably thought it was hilarious to watch me.

Then it was on to bed for him and some free time for me. I'd say my day was pretty productive. I got a lot of creating done and would like to do some more but I need to do some reading…both schoolwork and blog reading. :-)

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  1. Your breakfast looks delicious and your day sounds just about perfect!! I love seeing the creative process up there. Especially your art journal! It looks awesome!!


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