Friday, November 14, 2014

Bucket List: CHECK

Eeek! I did it again! Fridays seem to be the day I get around to blogging. The last few months have been a bit crazy. 11 books. 1 class. Need I say more? Once I'm done with this post I'm going to get some photos gathered together for that mini album I've been wanting to throw together, shower then hit the books..I signed up for 3 classes next semester but I don't think the three of them combined will take up as much time as this reading is taking me. I'm counting down until December 3rd. I don't think I've been so happy for finals!

So what's going on? Nothing really. I'm boring. I'm reminded of that everyday. It's a good reminder that I need. It goes with the whole "New Vanessa" theme. Honestly. There is reason I am boring a big part of that has to do with my relationship…and one of the big factors to this divorce. In all honestly it's just easier to explain to say "I'm boring" than to explain because I'd have to start at the beginning.  All that matters is that I'm doing the things I need to do and I'm working towards changing and living how I want to live. It's hard to be honest. Very hard. Especially for someone super shy like me. 

So, I checked something off my bucket list! Going with this whole theme, I've been wanting to have more of a social life. I just don't know how since I pretty much I work, go to school, and take care of Jacob, do housework, etc…so for the last 6 months I've been reading and rereading an article I have saved about putting yourself out there. It suggested joining a Meetup group. Being me, I kind of have always just put it off. Well, I added it to my bucket list and after another stint of me answering the "Any exciting plans for the weekend?" question with "Oh, just hanging out" and feeling totally pathetic, I created an account, signed and joined a few groups that sounded appealing to me, and signed up for an event in one of them. I'm a bit anxious though because I'm not good at putting myself out there and meeting new people.

Another thing is checked off, which is the goal, right?  This book I have is a combination of random facts about me, and things I'd love to do. Some are big, some are small, some are sill and some are more personal things that I'm not going to share with the world. Here are a few pages from my book.

Have a mud fight, experience Christmas in NYC, Kiss under a mistletoe (silly! But I want to lol), Visit Yosemite national park, and go parasailing.

I have a silly story about the first line in here: I love driving. When I went for the interview for this job I have now, we were walking to the office and my boss was asking me about the commute and if it would be a problem, etc. I mentioned that I actually loved driving, so no, obviously it wouldn't. He started laughing and told me I should be a taxi driver. Lol. I've gotten that a few times, but no. I don't want it as a career.

I believe everything happens for a reason

Sometimes I care too much

I love dressing up but at home it's yoga pants and tank top…or tonight it's leggings, pink sweatshirt, and pink fuzzy slippers.  lol

Well that's all I've got! Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. So much self awareness you've come into lately, must feel amazing!! I'm laughing about the driving !! My last job I had about a 20 minute drive downtown and I thought I couldn't wait to drive a shorter distance. But now my drive is about five minutes and I really miss that time in the car. I would use that time to prepare for the day, think, listen to music and de-stress 9 the way home :)


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