Thursday, January 15, 2015

For the Love of Pink

I've got to say, I have only had my iPhone since the 29th of December and it has changed my life! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I love that I can pretty much do everything on it.

So, today even though I am in deep thought and want to write about  how certain decisions have shaped me and how to learn and view everything (for the most part) in a positive light and how it can literally change your life, I'm going to spare you and show you something silly I love. 

This binder was calling my name when I was searching for some work supplies. Yeah, I could have used the company provided binders and spiral notebooks but I wanted something with a little more personality. I'm a quiet person by nature so it's important for me to add a little bit of my personality into my work. 

I realize I just turned 31 but I am not ashamed to admit my favorite color is neon pink. Not only pink but I love neon colors in general. It sounds silly but  I used to be afraid to admit I was in love with the color pink for fear or being mistaken for  the stereotypical "dumb blonde" that is normally depicted with  the color pink. Well judge for yourself, I will tell you a little bit about me.

I am a girly girl by nature. I love being a girl in almost every aspect, There isn't any doubt about that. I love nice things long hair, nice clothes, heels, wearing dresses and skirts, dressing up in general- but there is also another side to me that very select few get to see - I like to consider myself unique. I have a lot of different interests and that list is continually growing because I love learning new things.   This year with the continuation of "New Vanessa". I am going to let a little more of my personality shine through though. I'm gonna own it and not be afraid to admit I like or dont like certain things. 

So the you have it My name is Vanessa and I am 31 and I freaking love the color pink. :) 

Okay, so I did start to get a little deep. Sorry 😉. That's just me

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