Monday, January 19, 2015

Ramblings & Inspiration

So how 'bout them Patriots! Whoa! I realize you all might not be fans but, well, neither was I. I wasn't biased about a particular team, I just didn't care or really know about football at all. Well this being the year of expanding my horizons and stepping out of my comfort zone, I decided to watch the game. Not only that, I will admit I do feel a little left out of conversations at work because I work with sports fanatics and they talk about sports A LOT. It actually wasn't as boring as I thought it was going to be and I'm looking forward to watching the Super Bowl. I'm hoping I can get cable by then though and not have to Stream it on my IPhone....which is how I watched last nights game. Good memories though, especially seeing Jacob get really in to it and was more than thrilled to watch it on such a small screen. 

So, what's going on? I'm going to be busy the next few months which I love! Over the last few years, I've discovered that not having a full schedule and just kind of sitting around caused a lot of my depression and anxiety. Now it's weird but I'm a full time student, have a full time job/career, full time mom and I have never been happier and full of more energy. I do have days where I'm completely exhausted and feel like everything will fall apart but for the most part I feel great. I'm sure coffee has a small role to play. ;-) 

Anyways, Would you like to know the inspiration behind my new simple blog banner?

I'm a simple girl. I always thought of myself as plain & boring so I forced myself into liking things just because everyone else like them. Rather than boring and plain, I think of myself as unique. I have a very simple style. I like simple but classy. I like clean lines but not like the modern futuristic style, I like contrast but I also like softness. My style I would say is a combination of a few differnt styles which happen to work together. It's unique. Like me. 

 So there you have it! These earrings are a reflection of that and were used as the inspiration of my new design. 


  1. What a great inspiration for your blog makeover!!

  2. Vanessa, enjoy your new sports adventures. :) Love simple and clean designs. Those are great earrings and look like fun to wear!


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