Sunday, March 1, 2015

Latest Project Life Layout

Weekend….Where did you go?  My weekend got lost somewhere. Lol. It went by waay too fast. I didn't do much of anything, really. But when do I? My life is pretty laid back.  Saturday Jacob and I spend most of the day shopping, then we went out for lunch. I did some excel tutorials, cleaned the house, did some cooking…

My life is pretty boring actually…and now that I'm committed to project life, I'm determined to get out there more, so I'm not just scrapbooking my dinner. Haha! Not only for the fact of project life, but because my life is going through some major changes and I want to life a more fulfilling, exciting life…to an extent. For so long I was held back and now I want to do more things, I actually feel happier and more energized when I have a lot going on.  I know the point of project life is to document the every day, but I like variety. I need a little bit more.

Here is my latest project life layout.

The first picture is just of me studying...The next photo is just some screenshots from when Jacob and I were watching the Superbowl on my iPhone! The next photos I probably shouldn't have taken, but oh well - I was driving to work in blizzard...Next to that is my brand new nephew! It's he a cutie? The last row is just a photo of my desk while and the journaling next to it is just a space filler on how I need to stop trying to be perfect at everything.

So as to not stress myself out, I'm only requiring myself to be committed to making 1 12x12 layout a week. If a week is busier, then I will use as many pages as a need but I think 1 layout is good for the time being. I think if I committed to a two page spread, I'd  be stressed trying to fill it up then I'd probably end up not working on it. Who said there are rules? Right?


  1. Your layout looks great! My weeks are boring, but when I look at years past, that's what I love seeing the most!

  2. I think it is perfectly ok to do one page per week! Have fun expanding your everyday into newness!


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