Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ramblings and a Scrapbook Layout

Same old, Same old. No excuses. I've just been really busy - with life, school, work. I know I mentioned before about getting divorced, and my husband is finally moving out. I know that sounds weird when I say that, since we made this decision about a year ago, but due to financial reasons we unfortunately had to hold off the actual separating part until now.

It's different. I'm not going to lie. And it is kind of an odd situation and I am sad, but I'm finally happy.  I feel like I finally have a sense of myself and who I am and what I want. I feel less insecure. I'm ready for this. I also learned some things over the weekend that will help me rid some of my insecurity/anxiety that I had since my teenage years. It confirmed things I had already suspected. But knowing exactly now, I finally feel that I can move on and not carry so much anxiety with me anymore. I realize that I can not be responsible for the decisions that  my parents decided to make and I was treated a certain way because of the stress they carried from their decisions. I realize that I turned out OK and I just need to worry about my life. Family is important to me, BUT I can't keep holding my life back because of the hurt I carry from the past and it's just time to move on because I know now that nothing is going to change and I just need to think about me whether certain people approve or not. It's time to move on and just think about me.

I'm scared to death (I'll admit that here, but will never show that in person!) but it's a good scared. I'm ready. I'm happy. And I can't wait to see what's in store.

Anyway. Enough with the rambling ;). Once my life gets back to somewhat normalcy..and I can scrapbook at night again!... I'm trying to post at least once a week. :) In the meantime, here's a layout.

This layout is about my Workplace. It's definitely not my favorite layout design wise, but it's good enough. I decided to post because one of my goals this year is to stop aiming for perfection…It's hard though!

When I make a layout, I try to add at least one symbolic thing…I probably won't remember this years from now…but I added that sticker of the face because my boss is hilarious. He's always joking around, and while we're expected to work hard, we do have a little fun here and there. Well, he has this ruler thing, with a few goofy pictures of one of my coworkers taped to it and he drew over the faces with different moustaches, and silly faces…this sticker kind of reminded me of that so I added it. If a beach ball would have looked aesthetically pleasing I would have added that…to remember all our cube volleyball championships but I couldn't find one that fit.


  1. I love that your work is still so great and that you have such a great boss! That can make all the difference sometimes!

  2. Reflections on our anxieties can be very freeing. Hope all goes well with you and your son as you begin this next chapter of your life! Love the colors you pulled for your work layout!


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