Friday, June 19, 2015

Coffee Filter Flowers

I've got to admit - I was so against getting a smart in the past but now..I am addicted. I have to force myself to put it down sometimes, which is bad, I do realize but it makes life so much easier. I can do anything with it. Even blogging. I've actually found that I barely turn my desktop on anymore unless I am paying bills - which was what I was doing when my computer went on the fritz - or browsing Pinterest while sipping my morning coffee. I've been fiddling around with it and Googling how to fix I think is okay for now....{knock on wood}. I use my phone to take 99% of my pictures now...which is something I was dead set against but it is just so convenient.. I rarely use my actual camera anymore. Everything is on my phone. How funny is it that I am even thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 6? I bought the most basic one thinking I was never going to use it...unfortunately though I can't upgrade now though because it's not in my budget but I certainly like to dream!

Speaking of computers and fritzes. I've been paranoid to keep mine turned on for more than an hour or two so It's actually been really good motivation for me to get stuff done & Finish stuff - like I wrote in my post here about my not finishing stuff.  Well I broke out one of my unfinished projects and stuck it through until it was done: Coffee filter flowers which were oh so very simple to make. You should try them!

First I took a plain ol' coffee filter and dyed it. How did I dye it? Just a bucket of water and a few squirts of paint. Simple as that. I then let it soak for a few minutes until I got the color I desired squeezed it out and let it dry overnight....that's when I dropped off this project and it became unfinished.

Next, I took the coffee filter, folded it in half, then in half again, then again. Once it was the size I wanted I cut a ragged edge and snipped a little piece of the end off.

Then I took a skewer (floral stick but it's the exact same thing as a skewer but can even paint a skewer green if you have the patience.) ...and slid the coffee filter on. I bunched it up a bit then used floral tape to secure it in place. (Tips: stretch the tape a little while your taping. It helps it become a little stickier. Also, make sure you always tape a little bit of the stick so it doesn't slide off.)

Then repeat with about 4 or 5 more coffee filters depending on your desired look. For the vase, I used an old bulk spice jar that I had saved and stuffed it with some floral moss I bought at the dollar store. 

So there it is! One of my MANY infused projects complete. Stay tuned because I will be back with more.

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  1. Very cool. Thanks for the inspiration! Your friend, Linda @ Crafts a la Mode


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