Saturday, June 6, 2015

What I've been up to.

This week went by so slow. I am so very glad that is is the weekend.i don't have anything exciting planned at all but it's going to be nice not having to do anything. I'm sensing pajama weekend is in the works. Lol. So what's going on with you guys? Anything interesting and exciting? I have a few things:

I got retweeted by Taste of Home magazine. Such a minor thing, but I truely LOVE that magazine and have been reading it since I was like...ummm...10. I've become more active on Twitter lately, so this minor thing made me excited.

John has been officially moved out now for a little bit and I am working on getting my apartment to reflect more of a style that is me. I made a couple of shopping trips to IKEA and went on an assembly spree the last few weekends.

I think I m good for now furniture wise. Although I do need to get a TV, a stand and a couch. I have a couch but it's seen better days. The TV, I am not in a rush because I have Netflix and just have the couch turned to face my computer. No big deal since I rarely watch tv anyway. I am hooked though in Greys anatomy and breaking bad. Once Orange is the new black comes out with the new season, I will be glued to the screen. Who needs cable? Seriously...

Work wise things are going well I think. No one has said otherwise so I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Me being me, I do worry sometimes because coming from retail it's so hard to get used to not being questioned about every little thing. Being trusted to get the job done is still kind of weird concept; anyone who has worked in retail a long time will get what I mean.. I've stopped (I think) asking so many 'am I doing ok' questions and just try to have confidence that I am doing the right thing. Having my own areas that I am responsible now for has definitely helped. I am getting there. I'm still trying to figure out this whole career thing out because I am clueless. I've never really had any direction or anyone to help guide me..which is kind of why I stayed at Sears for so long. I figure that was it.

I'm more fulfilled now.  I am learning something everyday..I still have a lot to learn. I sometimes get self conscious because I feel like I should be further than I am. Not only work wise but life in general but it is what it is so I try to just take it one day at a time and not dwell.
A few days after the last time I blogged last time (April 25th I think) My company participated in a bring your kid to work day. I wasn't really sure what to expect but it ended up being a really fun day. The day started off with Breakfast and a welcome speech from the VP of HR and the CEO of the company. Then The kids went back to office with their parents for about an hour. After that the kids were split up into age groups and were shuffled around to participate in various activities throughout the day. We met back up with all the kids for lunch, then they went back to their groups for some more fun.  The day ended with an 'Make your own Sundae' party and the kids were given goodie bags. Let me tell you. When they said Good bags, I was expecting the typical birthday party variety. Nope. They were huge and loaded with tons of stuff.

Isn't that huge???!! Now look what was inside...As the days go by the more and more I appreciate where I work and am so thankful that someone finally decided to give me a chance despite my inexperience and only working at 1 place before.

The other thing which is Kinda major is I reconnected with my dad. I haven't spoken with him in about 9 years due to some bitterness that I carried with me for a very very long time but my sister Heidi convinced me to at least call him. Stubborn old me didn't want to but I did agree to Facebook friend his wife. I totally wasn't expecting anything but I was pleasantly surprised when she welcomed me with open arms, was not upset that I never gave her a chance and actually understood the craziness of the time. It's been a little overwhelming...because you need to understand my family craziness...but it's been good. We've gone shopping, I've been to the house, and I've even met one of her daughters. It's been really nice actually.

I've got a lot going on but I am still hoping to get more more consistent with blogging as the weeks go by. That's all I've got for today though! Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Wow, you've had a lot going on! So glad to hear things are going well with your dad and you're getting re-situated in your place :)


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