Sunday, August 16, 2015

Coast to Coast: California Vacation

Okay. So add this to the record books...this workaholic took a vacation! Let me tell you, it's been a LONG time since I've been anywhere. I'd say that is a good excuse this time for being absent from my blog, wouldn't you say? My sister lives in California and she didn't give me a choice than to come and visit. We had spoken about it, but being on a tight budget I didn't think it was gonna happen but we figured out a way to make it work. I almost cancelled though. Why on earth would I cancel, you ask. Well, I don't know how to have fun. I worry far too much. I think it's because when I worked at Sears I really wasn't allowed to have days off, but where I am now, they encourage time off - and that is still a little bit weird for me. I had a great time and Jacob had a blast playing with his cousins. He also got to ride an airplane for the first time. He liked it so much that now he even wants to start an airplane collection. 

My sister lives in the Bay Area so one day we took the ferry  into San Francisco to do some shopping one of the days. While in San Fransico, I met (wax) Johnny Depp...We visited the Jelly Belly factory, celebrated my niece and nephews birthday, roasted marshmallow and just kind of hung out. The weather was perfect!

Granted he was made of wax, but who cares, right?!?!? Why does anyone have to know? Lol. I will say they do a damn good job at making those wax figures look incredibly lifelike. I was super impressed. We didn't get a chance to see the full museum, but there is always next time!

Another day we went to the farmers market.

I bought some fresh peaches that had just been picked that morning. They were so juicy and grocery store "fresh" is nothing in comparison to what is available at the farmers market. I am totally jealous. I am a city girl at heart. I just love the variety of things to do and people to see all within walking distance. It's Funny because I live in the smallest town imaginable with nothing. I hate it but it's affordable so I'm stuck right now. One day though I will live in a city - or just outside of one. One day!

On the way home I met the sweetest lady. I was having a little bit of anxiety for some reason - probably all the turbulence -I didn't voice it, but I think she saw it in my face that I was getting a bit nervous but we ended up talking most of the time, and she helped me entertain Jake.  Once we landed in Tennessee for our layover, I found out that she was headed to Boston too and she actually asked me if it was ok to sit with us again. We talked the whole time again, and once me landed I thanked her for her kindness.

Now I am back home. I got back Tuesday, even though it was technically wednesday because it was midnight by the time I got home. I even went to work Wednesday! I am crazy and had a lot of fun but it feels nice to be back. It took a few days to get back on to East coast time, but this weekend and Jacob being over his dads and me being able to sleep has helped tremendously.

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  1. How fun!! So glad you both had a great time :)


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