Saturday, August 1, 2015

So long scrapbook stuff

....most of it at least. I don't plan on giving up scrapbooking completely and I did keep a few basic things. My main goal when I started scrapbooking was to document memories so that when I or anyoneb else looked at pictures in the future, they would know exactly what was going on in that moment. Well, wouldn't you know, the more stuff I bought the harder it was to scrapbook and the more frustrated and stressed I got and eventually I didn't scrapbook. I haven't printed out photos in a long time and just have felt completely uninspired by both my photos and abundance of product.

It was a tough decision to get rid of all my stuff but my life is going through so many changes right now that I feel that it is the right time to explore other things. I'm not giving up on documenting my memories. I still plan on adding journaling with my - I'm just going to go back to a more simple way.

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